My Favorite Kimura Counter!

What's up people? Got another technique video for you. This time it's a great counter to a counter. Lol. Counter, counter, counter...that's Jiu Jitsu!

Anyone that has ever passed someone's guard has been caught with a Kimura, and if you haven't yet, you will I promise. So here is a classic counter to a Kimura counter off of the guard pass that you will finish with a high success rate against stubborn players that don't know when to quit cranking on that lock!

Sorry, the sound on the video is sketchy because I keep turning away from the camera, but pay attention to my knee placement after I step over the head and look at how I swivel my lower leg across my opponent's back in order to scrape up and pinch around his trapped arm.

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Kimura Counter Off Over Under Pass Attempt

"Spread the art.."

Uncle Coach Kevin